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We are active since 1926 in the design and manufacturing of handling, storing, dosing, mixing bagging, palletising and bag depalletising plant for granular and powder bulks.

We offer our services as one stop supplier for turn key installations from the raw materials receiving up to the end line. 

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Costruzioni Meccaniche F.lli Sacchi s.n.c
Fraz. Mandrino, 25.
Vidigulfo - Pavia
+39 -(0)382- 619261 
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P. IVA 00166650184


Mechanical handling systems: Z elevators, bucket elevators, redler, vibrfating feeding cannels, belt conveyors, colling belt conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors systems: dense pahse pneumatic conveyors, diluted phase pneumatic conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, accessories for pneumatic conveyors, filters, cyclones, diverter valves, sleeves filters, wearing proof curves, deviators, reactors loading systems, vacuum transport system
Mixers: horizontal mixers, vertical mixers, static mixers, end line pellets and powders blenders
Dosing: volumetric dosing, gravimetric dosing
Bulk storing:  silos, hoppers,  hoppers for packing products
Bag dumping and emptying, drum dumping, octabin dumping, big bag dumping:  glove box, robot bags depalletizing,  robot bag depalletizing cutting and dumping
Extrusion end line device: vibrating screen, cooling belt conveyors, tunnel cooling device for pellet, pellet cooling device
End line packaging, bag filling, palletizing: drum filling, bag filling, automatic bag filling, big bag filling, bag aplletizing.
Ancilliaries component: hydraulic lifting platform, extruder lifting platforms, disaerator screw, cereals puffing machine. 

PLASTIC EXTRUSION PLANTS, plastic compound extrusion plants, masterbatch extrusion plants, chemicals and catalysts production plants, plastic materilas recycling plants, glass recycling, paint and wall paint production plant, pharma, chemical and petrol production plants, thermoplastics and resin production plants, food industry (coffee, rice and cereals) production plants, machine and plants for cereal puffing, caramel coating plant, cement production plants.